Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cupcakes are Good. So is Pot Roast. Yum.

Life is a beautiful thing. It is a crazy, wonderful, intense journey along a path only enlightened by patience and perseverance. There are so many roads to take and lessons to learn, I am literally in awe as each new adventure unfolds and how they all seem to lead you to the next place perfectly. I could spin off all kinds of sappy stories about all of the happiness and heart break I have had since the birth of this little blog, but I wont. Instead, I shall simply put it this way -- oh man, but God knows what he is doing. I am a pretty blessed lady ( and I will never stop saying it). 

Anyways, as much as I know there is a plan, sometimes I feel like I am living in total anarchy... Okay that is a little extreme. But things can get pretty random. I just have a really awesome and hilarious family (ten year old brother wandering around in Ugg boots, entire family bursting into song at any given moment... you get it). I love them though, and I think they like me enough most of the time too. It is especially awesome when Jake the Bake "helps me make cookies". This consisted of him wandering in and out of the kitchen, cracking one egg, and making some weird faces. That kid is awesome. I also have a really cool job. I am super excited to wake up early in the morning to go to it *insert mild sarcasm here*... I really do love it though. I get to do fun things with fun people all day and try really hard (not very successfully)  not to eat my weight in delicious rolls. 

Well, this post has pretty much no direction and I have not even thought of a random food-related title yet... I am maybe just a little blog rusty. At least blog rust is rainbow and sparkly and just like there is some extra glitter stuck in the blogging corner of your brain and not brown and scratchy like actual rust. I suppose I will work on organizing my sparkles... Here is to a New Year and plenty of new adventures (and hopefully a few more posts about them than last year).