Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am here in Idaho safe and alive! Don't worry, I got here safe and alive two days ago... I am serving in the Nyssa, Oregon area and am living in Parma, Idaho. It is extremely rural and everyone is very kind. My trainer is Sister Dickie from Ohio, she is #8 of 16 children and is a great teacher and companion. We visited a few investigators and less active members yesterday and did A LOT of training/planning stuff today. I am loving it here and trying to get used to the slow, casual, friendly country lifestyle. I am loving the people so far and am excited to meet more! Everyone is very humble-I went into some homes yesterday that were smaller than my apartment in Phoenix. But they all love the missionaries and everyone wants to chat forever. We are living with a member whose name I don't know--we are only allowed to call her Grandma. She is a really sweet old lady. I hope everything is well at home! I am loving the work and am so blessed that the Lord sent me where He did. I love you all and pray for you every day. Keep up the work at home, too.
Your Sister,
Madison Baker
Sister Baker with her new companion, and her Mission President and his wife! 
(It's cute that she thinks weather in the 50's is cold enough for a scarf :)) 

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