Wednesday, September 11, 2013


So, my new companion is Sister Ketring. We have bucketloads of fun together! That is something that I have SERIOUSLY been missing. Just being silly and laughing! I am SO grateful to have sister Ketring as my companion!

Weiser is fun. It is a super cute town and everyone is THRILLED to have sisters after the last elders who served here. Our apartment is pretty nice now that we deep cleaned it ;) We even have a dishwasher!

Don't worry. I will not partake in the Chinese food. 

My experiment with the Spanish sisters was interesting. (Side note: last week Sister Baker tagged on with the Spanish Sisters in between transfers) They had quite a bit of contention in their companionship, so I spent the few days helping them to look past their differences and find confidence in one another and in themselves. It made me happy that I could be an encouraging influence to them. I think we all need a reminder sometimes to just love people and not try to change them all the time. Heavenly Father and our Savior love unconditional and that, to me at least, leaves us no excuse to do otherwise. I am amazed at how far we can go in life when we just love people no matter what. It is a hard lesson to learn, and I am definitely still learning it. But letting go of the way I tend to be so critical has brought me so much more happiness than judging others ever has. 

The town is great! We are working with some amazing people. It took a few days to get our feet on the ground with where the elders left off, but we are picking up steam. Weiser is about twice the size of Parma (still pretty small), but way cleaner and nicer. Everyone is pretty friendly so far and the members are amazing. Church yesterday felt a little like being a celebrity. We also cover the town of Cambridge. It is about 30 miles away and is about the size of Adrian. It is further up into the mountains and is really pretty. We went up there on Saturday and met up with Sister Leatherman who was previously living in the Nyssa Stake but is now living in Cambridge. She took us around to meet some of the ward members. It was awesome!     

I am loving it here! It is definitely a challenge (I feel a little bit like the clean-up crew) but I know that the Lord is guiding us every single step of the way. This gospel is amazing!


Sister Baker


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