Friday, August 26, 2011

Who knew I could eat so much cereal?

I have always had a glorious dream of living on my own. Being the extremely social creature that I have always been, this dream usually involved me living in the middle of the woods by myself...picture Walden. Okay maybe not that solitary, but I always thought that I would prefer to live sans roommates. Since last Friday I have been living that dream and not exactly loving in. The fact that I don't really know anyone here or have any kind of purpose for the moment has not exactly helped my cause. Maximum efforts have been made to find things to do that do not involve sitting in my apartment and watching hulu, and up until yesterday I was doing relatively well. Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on Thursday... I ran right of ideas on how to entertain myself. Milk and cookies, reading a book, taking a nap, blog stalking, facebook stalking, pintrest-ing, talking to my mom on the phone, and generally going stir-crazy is what I did yesterday. Here is where the shocking confession comes out--are you ready for it? Maybe not quite... go ahead and sit down and mentally prepare yourself. Okay, here it goes... Just to let you in on a little secret before we get into any major confessing--I have never said these words together in this context ever before... Alright the time has come to say what we have all been waiting for... drum roll please... I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START! Don't act like you are not impressed. I am also psyched for my roommates to move in today.

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  1. You are definitely a writer Madi! I enjoyed reading your post.
    It was good to see you this week... come over anytime you are bored! ;) but once school starts and your roommates arrive, you'lll probably have plenty to do! College life is so fun.. there is always something going on!
    Good luck with your semester!