Friday, September 2, 2011

Milk Soup, Man Caves, and Mini Miracles

Once upon a time in a mystical land called Provo, Utah my life turned upside down. Well kind of... My life has been constantly changing for the past several months so another small change is not that un-common, but this one included way more drama than needed (I guess it just kept things interesting). On Monday I thought that I had a job and a secure life, but really who can ever actually count on that? On Tuesday I find out that I do not have a job and my life is anything but secure. I proceed to run around Provo like a chicken with its head cut off looking for someone that would possibly consider hiring a poor desperate college student such as myself. After picking up a few applications and shedding a lot a few tears, it was time to make the arduous trek to the holy land for my first day of school. Whoopee! All of my prior hope and excitement sent on the express train straight for the sewer, I attended my first class. Oh good--I know you were worried so I will dispel your fears right about now--I fell in love! No, I did not meet a handsome man in one of my classes, I just never knew just how great learning could be! The balance of the universe was restored to a content, blissful place full of new knowledge and bright horizons. Sounds like a little slice of heaven, however, I did not get home from school until nearly 11:00pm and I was feeling a little more than emotionally drained which means COMFORT FOOD! I ate my midnight snack/dinner and went straight to bed... or hung out with my roommates for a couple of hours and then went to bed... Beauty rest in tact, I geared up for Wednesday and two job interviews. Bring on another crazy day! Both interviews went well and I spent the evening dining on manly barbecue with my not so manly sister at Goodwood Barbecue. Wednesday = good day, if you don't count the three separate trips to university mall (which obviously I do not). Anyways, this little tale is turning into more of an epic so I will skip the rest and just tell you that I was hired at Deseret Book (not an easy job to come by apparently) I attended my second day of class, dropped a class, added a new one, and the world has once again been set right... Until next week...

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