Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes, Yes there is a Difference Between Classy Ground Beef and Just the Regular Stuff

Grocery shopping can be a wonderful thing... It is mostly wonderful when your mom is paying for the groceries anyways... This being said, I am a little bit of a food snob and have a tiny bit of a hard time "shopping on a college budget" or whatever my dad calls it. I traipse longingly down the isles of the grocery wishing I could buy six dollar boxes of quinoa and thousands of dollars worth of spices. And who knew fresh vegetables could cost so much money? You can go ahead and forget about baking supplies... Needless to say, I do splurge every once in a while--still not sure what to do with that acorn squash I bought with no fancy ingredients to spice it up--but I mostly try to stick to my "starving student" budget. My pantry shelves stock the essentials but rarely hold a treat. Don't look in the freezer because there is always never ice cream in there. I love to eat and cook and bake and look at and buy food so clearly I have had to set grocery limits for myself... Like I actually follow my own rules, gurl puhlease. i.e. I will never, ever, no matter how poor I ever am, purchase any kind of meat that comes in a plastic tube with those little metal stapely clamps on the ends. Um gross. I have standards. I will also never buy margarine or "buttery spread"... Sorry mom... I can believe it's not butter and believe you me it is NOT butter. Like, I am not a brat or anything, these are just my truest, innermost feelings which I am putting out there for everyone to read and understand. So in true Provo fashion I can just nonchalantly declare that I had better find a rich husband to buy me lots of fancy clothes  groceries. Or something like that.

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