Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thai Before Turkey

Yes, I am aware that Thanksgiving was like a week ago... Yes, I am still going to do a post about it...

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. It is a day dedicated to all of my favorite things -- family, friends, cooking, eating, yelling, laughing, and gratitude. This Thanksgiving I was most thankful to be able to actually go home and eat with my family. When I started working in the wonderful world of retail I was forced to prepare for the worst (eating a turkey sandwich in my apartment by myself) which I reluctantly accepted and tried to move on. As I am sure you know, I do not move on easily. I knew if I played my cards correctly at work I would be able to sneak out for a few days to spend the most wonderful day of the year with the people I love most. I am so sneaky. I worked until 3pm on Tuesday and bolted to Salt Lake to make my 5pm flight praying the whole way it would be delayed. It was!!! It is glorious how the Lord can bless us in such small ways! I arrived in Phoenix just a few short hours later, spent a couple of fantastic days with all of my loves (old and new), ate some amazing food (not just turkey), did lots of fun things, met some wonderful new people, got next to no sleep, boarded a plane, went back to work and back to real life. I left my heart in Phoenix, Arizona with the warm and the sun. 24 days!!

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