Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WARNING: This Post May or May Not Actually be About Cooking

Sometimes, on cloudy days, when I am feeling under the weather I am kind enough to let the weather think it is above me, I like to cook. (Have no fear, I washed my hands a lot.) Also, sometimes when I cook I do not like to use a recipe. And by sometimes I mean nearly every time. In my backyard there are three lovely rosemary bushes and for quite some time I have been wanting to use said rosemary in some sort of culinary venture. There has been only one problem with actually using this delicious herb--the bushes are inhabited by approximately one billion bees. So, summoning all of my knowledge of how to send my love to the bees (thank you, Sue Monk Kidd) and putting on my big girl panties, I set off to harvest the mystical rosemary. In case you were wondering, I did make it out without incident. All that was left to do was decide what to do with the conquered herb of fantastical mysteries. As it happens our kindly neighbors have a lemon tree which overflows abundantly into our backyard (they let us use whatever is on our side). Rosemary+lemon+happiness and sunshine=chicken marinade. With a little help from my handy dandy Cuisinart, a magical creation was born--or blended. Either way, it smells delicious! As my chicken rests in its baggie full of happiness and love, I hope it turns out as delicious as all of my hopes and dreams. But while I wait, homework calls my name and unfortunately I must answer... Have a nice Wednesday... You do know what they say about Wednesdays...

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