Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life is Weird... But So Are Vegetables, and I like to Eat Those...

Since moving home, I have been a little spoiled... I must have reverted back to like 3rd grade since my mom makes me a sandwich everyday and when she has to work I whine about having to do it myself. What happened to the capable independent woman who bought classy beef and lived on the edge?! Yikes! Somebody needs a swift kick in the pants (my mom for turning me soft. duh!)... Anyways, it is warm and sunny as I sit outside eating my self packed lunch of clementine cuties and a granola bar (mom was teaching kindergarten today, I embarrass myself!) and reflect on all of the lovely days I enjoy here. I am learning that life is a journey and to never sit still for too long. Have you ever watched "That 70's Show"? If not, you should because it is hilarious. Also, I just saw Hyde's twin strolling across MCC campus. My school is awesome. Life makes me smile sometimes!

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