Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apple Pie in a Mason Jar

One of the best men in this world passed away this morning. Pat Quinn was truly an amazing person. He was loved by every single student at Desert Vista and by anyone who knew him. He kept me sane through High School. He was not only a security guard, but a cherished friend. Not a day went by at DV when he didn't smile and wave and ask how my day was going. He called me by name and knew my story. He genuinely cared how my new job was going or if the team won our last lacrosse game. I looked forward to seeing Pat several times throughout the day. A wave as I drove into the parking lot in the morning, a brief chat as I walked off campus for seminary and a "hey there" when I came back (and sometimes even a scolding for parking in a teacher space). I loved riding on his golf cart when I was running late and hearing his stories about being a firefighter or when he lived up north or just about his family. His love and admiration for his sweet wife was inspirational. His love and zest for life was contagious--he dressed up for every spirit day and passed out candy on holidays. A genuine smile was always on his face. His kind of happiness is a choice, one  he made effortlessly every day. I know I have learned much from my friend but most importantly he taught me to make the best of what life brings me and to treat everyone with kindness and respect. He knew that life was precious and lived as an example to thousands of students. I know that he is smiling down from a beautiful paradise now, proud of his legacy. Pat Quinn will live forever in my heart. 

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