Monday, July 16, 2012

Cucumbers and Sunshine

Guess what! Today is a very special and wonderful and stupendous day. Exactly nineteen years ago on July 16th, my soul mate was born. My longest and very best friend, Anna Elizabeth Lewis--more affectionately known as Anna Banana, Anne Banann, Anna Bear, or Sunshine--is celebrating her birthday today. I could say a million things about how utterly amazing she is. She is my rock. She is beautiful, and happy, and more kind than anyone I know. Although we do not live near to one another (we have not lived in the same state since we were 7) she is always a phone call away to laugh, cry, sing, or just be quiet with me. I see this lovely lady about once a year--and always have since she moved away many many moons ago--and we can always pick up from right where we left off the year before just as if no time has passed at all. Like I said, she is AMAZING. If I were as cool as her I would have included a bunch of photos of us growing up together (just in case you were wondering, dear, you don't have the 'awkward stage' pictures because they just happen to be in my possession.) but I am not that tech savvy, and really the only photographs that I have are not publicly acceptable. Anyways, she makes my heart smile and our souls know each other. Anna, you have blessed my life in more ways than you know. I love you forever, and cannot wait to grow up one day and live next door to one another so our darling and perfect children can be soul mates as well. Happy Birthday to the very best!!! I love you!! 

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  1. Ah, you are awesome! I consider it present enough that you didn't post the awkward stage photos. :) Love you!