Monday, May 20, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Things here are pretty good. We had Brother Toombs and Frankie's baptism on Saturday. It was really beautiful. There were so many  people who came from the ward to support them. I sang Lead Kindly Light as a special musical number. It wasn't too bad I guess. Frankie and Bob were both so sweet and so excited. Bob had to take his hearing aids out for his baptism so he couldn't hear the prayer. He just stood in the font and plugged his nose the whole time so he would be ready to get dunked. It was pretty cute. When he came up he looked at the little kids sitting in front of the font and asked "did that make ya smile?" Frankie was so sweet too. He came with a fresh hair cut and the biggest smile i have ever seen on anyone's face. I love watching the joy that the gospel brings to people!
In other news, Viola has a baptismal date! She will be getting baptized on June 15th. She came to the baptism on Saturday to see how everything happens and she loved it. We have been helping her plant flowers in her yard over the past few weeks. We have been having the best conversations and are really getting to know her. She is truly an amazing person and is very in tune with the spirit. I really love her! She is going to teach us how to make tortillas. I am really excited! Life here is great! I love the gospel and I love this calling. I am learning and growing everyday. Love you and I am glad that everything at home is good!!

Have a happy summer!

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