Monday, April 29, 2013


Hello All!

The work here is still going strong. We found 6 new investigators this week and are planning a baptism on May 11th for two of our investigators in Vale, OR. It is pretty exciting! One is a 14 year old boy named Frankie, he has taken all of the lessons and has been waiting for his mom's permission to be baptized (which we got last week). He is a really sweet kid and he loves learning about the gospel. I am so glad that he will finally be able to continue in his eternal progression by being baptized. 
Our other Investigator who will hopefully be baptized on that date is an older man named Bob, he is 86 and his wife is a member, she is reaching the end of her life and they want to be sealed in the temple. When we extended the invitation to be baptized on May 11th he said he would try to stop by. We know that he wants to be baptized and most likely will be but he needs to build his faith a little. He said that if God was watching out for him that He would keep the ground squirrels (some form of vermin that pray on gardens) out of his garden. So we prayed with him for that and hopefully our prayer will be answered and help him have a faith building experience. 
I am doing missionary work, eating delicious but fattening food at members and nothing but health food at home, seeing lots of farms/old people/cute houses/cows/pigs/chickens/dogs/prairie grass, talking about the gospel with investigators and anything pertaining to ridiculousness or sarcasm with my companion. She is super funny and sarcastic. It is great. We get along quite nicely. She is kind of like Jared but a girl and with less rage. Life is good out here in the country and I am starting to love it a little-lol I dont know how I will feel when I am back in civilization again... Anyways, keep me posted on your life and such! Love you mucho!!


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