Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello friends and family!

So, this week was the 4 of July and the world famous Vale 4th of July Rodeo. We didn't get to go, but it was a big freaking deal. There was loads of drama about the rodeo queen who was not even from Malheur County... believe me, that is all I heard about at church yesterday. But because of the holiday and the rodeo, NO ONE was home this week. On the 4th we spent the great majority of our day visiting people at the old folks home (captive audience). It was great. Our curfew was at 7 so we cooked a good dinner for our selves. I made cilantro lime chicken tacos. They were pretty tasty. SO thats what sister missionaries do on 4th of july. Also I made an apple pie. It turned out great.

We are currently teaching this 16 year old girl named Kea. She is awesome. Last night we went to visit her and she asked us some amazing questions. She wanted to know how our religion was similar and different from the Jewish religion (she is not Jewish, just curious.) and also how the priesthood was established and restored, which brought up the topic of resurrected beings. It was a pretty cool lesson. She is so hungry for the gospel and for knowledge about the gospel. She wants to be baptized but her parents will not let her until she is 18. It amazes me that she is so convicted and becoming so converted with so much opposition. The Lord really does bless those who seek him. 

This past Saturday we had another baptism for a man named Bill Ussing. He has special needs so his parents did not have him baptized when he was 8. He asked to be baptized about a year ago and has been working with the bishop and stake president. We got to teach him the lessons and it was a really neat experience. He cannot speak well but as we taught we could see the understanding in his eyes. It was amazing to be allowed to work with one of the Lord's special spirits. The baptism was really sweet. It was more like a primary baptism which was just perfect. 

It is halfway through the transfer/there are two weeks left because it is a short one. I think I may be training another new sister next transfer because we are getting another big group of them and I am one of the oldest sisters (yeah, at 4 months out I am one of the old ones. It is like the blind leading the blind out here.) but I may end up staying together with Sister Aamodt for another transfer. Guess we will see what the Lord has in store.

Parma and the surrounding areas have been pretty warm and a little muggy because all of the crops hold the moisture. It is really beautiful here with all of the grain turning a golden color and the corn growing really tall. It is neat to experience rural life and appreciate a different type of beauty. We have AC in our house, but most people do not have central air or any AC at all. It is pretty uncomfortable. I have not been to the new mission home yet, but hope I will get to soon. We had a conference with about half the mission and got to learn all about the new President and Sister Cannon including his love for basketball! We had interviews with him last Wednesday where I learned that Stephen Hopper had been his MTC tutor and had told him all about me. He said that he had hoped and prayed that I would be in his mission and was so glad that I was. It is a small world and the Lord knows exactly who and what we need. We have become fast friends. He is not immediately related to the previous President Cannon but they both hail from George Q. 

It is so fun to hear all about the Tempe West sisters receiving mission calls! The work is hastening! 

The work continues to move forward here in the Nyssa Stake. I love this calling and am so privileged to be serving the Lord here in Oregon (and a little bit of Idaho). It is hard, but it is so worth it. Life is good. Blessings are abundant as long as I remember to trust in my Savior. 

I love you and pray for you daily. Have a wonderful week!!

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