Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It has been another lovely week here in Weiser! We did LOTS of contacting and LOTS of being turned away. It was great. Luckily, Ali is still progressing towards baptism! She is currently our only progressing investigator. She is still living in a motel and being ignored by her family. She is amazing! Her baby got a staph infection from the carpet in the nasty motel, so she and her two cute kids will be moving into the Packers! It will be cozy for a while but fun to be living with our investigator will be a fun blessing! She will be baptized this Saturday.

 We had lots of other fun times this week as we traveled to and from Baker City, Oregon for zone meeting. We had a great meeting followed by pizza and shenanigans (see photo illustration). On the way home we may or may not have been pulled over. I may or may not have been driving 90 mph #streetcontacting. We, however, did not receive a ticket.

Sunday we had a great day at church. Church as a missionary is the best ever! Afterward we ate dinner with our ward mission leader and Rex. Sister Ketring set Rex up with the mother-in-law of a lady in 2nd ward and he is really excited to meet her. Guess we are now matchmakers too!

Sunday night we got a call from a brother in the third ward wondering if we could come by to meet his son's girlfriend. Because God is directing this work, the appointment that we were headed to when he called mysteriously ended up not being home. We zipped right over to the Loomis's house to meet Ashley. Da da da da da da... We have a new investigator! She is in her mid 20s and has always had friends who are LDS but her family is super anti. After getting reamed by her boss about having a Mormon (less-active) boyfriend and hearing all sorts of crazy accusations, she decided it was time to find out for her self what this is all about. She is really receptive and excited to learn. She is super funny and a hoot to be around. We are so excited to teach her!

This work never ceases to amaze me. The Lord is so quick to bless us when we are faithful. I love it! I love all of you! Have a fantastic week!
Your Sister,

Maddy Baker

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