Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I suppose you all would like an update on this little town of Weiser, Idaho. Well, that is just what you are going to get. We did more missionary work this week. Wahoo. Ali has a baptism date for the 18th of January!!!!  Ali is really excited about the gospel. She is the prefect investigator and already knows so much. She is thrilled to learn and grow. Her family is having a hard time accepting it, but she told us that if she didn't know with her whole heart that it was true, she would just give up and go home. She is amazing. Her kids are 2 and 1. She is getting into some housing this week. Our teaching pool is a little slow right now. We are still teaching Mona, and Virginia. They are both progressing but slowly. Rex is doing great! He is the best new member ever! 

We spent new-year's eve playing prophet trivia and drinking Martineli's and jumping on our little trampoline. We spent new-year's day helping the Packers clean their house, it was a no-proselyting day (guess they didn't want us bothering all of the hungover people...)

 Friday we served at the funeral of Darrin Thomas and Christian Alder. It was a beautiful service and the whole town was there. SO many Weiser-ites felt the spirit as many speakers testified of the Plan of Salvation. Though many were mourning, it was really a happy day. We were able to stay to serve that family dinner and clean up. It was a great day of service. 

Friday night we went to see a true back-hills Idaho medicine man. It was awesome. Really he is a reflexologist, but he is still really cool. He was able to test the muscles in my feet and legs to diagnose some deeper issues. It was amazing. I know it seems weird, but it was totally legit. I am just going to move to Idaho and forget western culture and be all natural and such. I love Idaho!!  You can live in the city and come visit me on my ranch that has a nice little stream and is 50 miles away from other human civilization :)

Saturday we met some new people to teach, which is always exciting and by the end of the day I  had come down with the stomach flu... Awkward. So Sunday was pretty much shot.

So here we are today. It is transfer day here in the Idaho Nampa Mission. Ba ba da da Sister Breen and I are staying together here in Weiser! Well, that's all for now, folks. The church is true, the book is blue!
Sister Baker

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