Monday, April 15, 2013



I love hearing all of the fun things from home!! Everything here is going well and Daniealle's baptism went smoothly on saturday. Yesterday we gave a fireside to the young women in the Vale wards. We were asked to talk about how we prepared for our missions/how they can prepare to be missionaries. I talked about the young women theme and how if we live by the words that are recited in the theme each week, we will automatically become missionaries. Especially as we "stand as a witness of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places". 

So, last Wednesday Sister Dickey and I were stuck in the lovely and tiny town of Parma (we usually visit about two towns in a day) so we pretty much exhausted all of our teaching/visiting/tracting pool by about 2:30 or so. We were getting pretty grumpy and complainy about the work in Parma and we were getting pretty frustrated. So we went back to our apartment to work on some teaching records and such and whine a little. I had a letter on my desk from uncle Bryce to all of the family missionaries and it was mostly just a bunch of quotes and such. One of the quotes read "The Lord will direct your steps, but first you must move your feet." I read it out loud and we decided that we wouldn't get anywhere sitting at our desks doing records. We decided to move our feet. Sister Dickey felt that we needed to visit a random less-active widow so we headed out with a prayer of repentance for our murmuring  On our way to visit the widow we found two new investigators, one of which we have already taught again.  After we taught lessons to each of these new people, we finally went to visit the widow who ended up not even being home. Every day we see these miracles that could easily be written off or forgotten about, but I know that the Lord is the Director of this work and that He is listening to our prayers. I also know that you dont have to be on a mission to see little miracles in your life--if you look for them they will be there and the Lord will direct you too as long as you move your feet.

Sister Baker

P.S. You should frame the cow ear or something, don't throw it away!! I wish I had gotten more pics from the branding because by the end I was doing that by myself instead of with two men helping me hold the calf down. I am so glad that Jared got a job at banana! You should tell him to send me clothes!

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