Monday, April 8, 2013

Q and A

This week my Mom sent Maddy a bunch of questions. These are her answers. (and FYI "Grandma" is the lady she is living with.)

Q: What are your sleeping and studying arrangements like?
A: We sleep in a bunk bed that looks like the one the boys slept in when they were little, the beds are really comfy though.
Q: What is the house like that you live in, do you eat breakfast there?
A: We live in a little studio apartment that was added on to Grandma's house, we eat breakfast and lunch there most days. Some days we go to a town about 35 miles away called vale and sleep there, it is not my favorite.

Q: How is Grandma? Does she have pets?
A: Grandma is great, she is a really sweet old lady, she loves to come chat with us in the mornings while we study and she really takes care of us. We watched conference with her and her family this weekend. She has an evil cat that makes me really sick but he does not come into our part of the house so I am ok unless I go into her family room or something.
Q: Who are you teaching? We can pray for them.
A: We are teaching a bunch of people! One of our investigators, Danielle, is getting baptized on Saturday-it is pretty exciting. We also just started teaching Armando. He is really sincere and searching for the truth. He has committed to working towards baptism and praying and reading the BOM. We are teaching several other people but I can hardly keep everyone straight. We work in about 5 towns and have between 1-3 investigators in each. We spend certain days in certain towns, so we kind of have to focus on one town at a time. It is weird and a little stressful sometimes. We think they will be splitting the area soon though.

Q: Have you met anyone related to Delbert and Olive yet? PS I visit teach Gina Cook now (Cheyenne Bramwell mom). Her Grandma lives in Nyssa also. I will need to ask her name.
A: YES! We ate dinner with some petersons last week, I cant remember first names but they said they were related to Delbert. Let me know that lady's name when you remember.
Q: How long has your companion been out on her mission?
A: My comp has been out 10 months

Q: How is the weather?
A: The weather is really nice but windy the last few days

Q: Food situation?
A: Food is not bad, I am actually losing weight because I am eating smaller portions and only buy healthy food for eating at home. Not much time to cook though :(

Q: Do you guys drive everywhere?
A: We drive most places, sometimes we walk in Parma when we are close to home.

Q: Are your shoes working ok for the dirt on the farms?
A: Not really, but its ok. I mostly wear the brown sandle-ish shoes and they do ok

Q: Do you need anything that I can send you?
A: I dont know, anything random and fun. 

Q: Are there stores in the small towns that you are living and working in?
A: Not really, they each have like a small market and a few small local businesses. We drive about 40 miles on modays for the WalMart.

Q: Have you milked a cow?
A: I have not milked a cow but have participated in a cattle branding. Way more cool than milking a cow. I sent you a souvenir :)



  1. how does one who is not on facebook find the address to Sister baker??

  2. Sister Madison Baker
    Idaho Boise Mission
    1111 S. Cole Rd
    Boise, ID 83709

    I miss you on fb Sharon (Nana)